How do I book a wedding dress fitting?

The very first step is to fill out the consultation form. It’s important to include pictures of yourself in the dress, even if it’s the sample dress you said yes to. If you don’t have any pictures of the dress or a way to take some then a link to an image of the dress will work. IF the form isn’t cooperating maybe your photos are iPhone LIVE pictures, just shoot them over by text along with your name, wedding date and what you think it needs.  323-404-4487

What should I include on the consultation form?

Please be as descriptive as possible when filling out that portion of the consultation form. We are trying to get a vision of your vision, the more details, the better. For example; if you want to modify the design include pictures of what you have in mind.

What if I am trying to lose weight?

Any weight loss or gain after your initial fitting that constitutes additional tailoring/ alterations will result in additional fee’s. Usually at the same cost as the original tailoring service. So, it’s our recommendation that you try to achieve the physique you want before you start the tailoring.

When should I start the tailoring/ alteration process?

We are in very high demand from brides all across the nation, so we recommend you initiate the wedding dress fitting process by submitting the consultation form no later than 2 months before your wedding. The majority of our brides start 6 months before their wedding.

What do I need to bring to my first fitting?

Please bring the shoes you will be wearing or shoes of the same height and any shapewear you plan to wear. We do stock and sell high-quality steel corsets that can reduce your waist up to 4 inches as well as custom-made enhancing foundation garments to give you a booty, adhesive bras with push-up features for bust sizes up to E cup and more!

Bring any applique or fabric you want to be added to your dress.

How much is owed at the first appointment?

Ronda will contact you and give you your pricing, then your fitting will be scheduled. All fittings must be held with a deposit, generally $50 by Venmo to secure your appointment. It will be applied to your tailoring costs.

50% of your invoice will be due at your first fitting. The full balance is due at the last fitting.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Venmo and The Cash App with NO transaction fees. We also accept most Credit Cards and Zelle but a 5% transaction fee will be added. We do not accept checks.

Do you have any discounts?

Yes, we proudly offer an Active Military Discount whether it’s you or your intended.

* Military is the only discount we offer.

Do you sell dresses?

No. But we can give you a list of sites some of our brides have used.

Can I bring people to my fittings?

Yes, be our guest. We can accommodate you and 1 guest. We do advise you to have someone attend your final wedding dress fitting to learn details about the bustle and any particular details about getting your dress securely buttoned and laced.

*Please note, we strongly recommend you have your first fitting by yourself. When there are guests it can create a stressful environment for you go with tailoring/ alteration choices that might go against a loved one’s opinion, in this case Ronda will always defer to the Bride.

How long will it take to get my dress finished?

Our standard lead time, depending on the time of year, is roughly 6-8 weeks. Many brides chose to have the alterations done well before that as long as you are at the weight you will be at your wedding. We are also able to accommodate shorter lead times and Emergency Services.

Do you offer tailoring/ alteration services for garments other than wedding dresses?

Yes. Designer and high end Couture garments.  We also provide Concierge Tailoring Services for our Premium Portfolio clients which include on-site services anywhere in the world. We also serve Celebrity Clients and Film Industry/Studio Projects.

Do you make custom wedding dresses?



Weddings are stressful, your dress alterations shouldn’t be. We will definitely give you your pricing quote first! Just fill out the form on the Contact Us Page or call or text at 323-404-4487. If you have any issues with the form you can also email directly at Help@Bridalmd.com